Livie is proud to announce the representation of Greek-Swiss artist Dimitra Charamandas (*1988 Solothurn, Switzerland, lives and works in Solothurn and Greece). The artist will also continue to be represented by Gypsum Gallery in Cairo, Egypt.

Charamandas’ practice emphasizes the sensual and tactile, using different visual languages to convey the tension between fragility and strength, care and abuse, beauty and brutality. In her large-scale paintings and sculptures, the artist approaches landscapes as a series of bodies: a rugged coastal path tracing the ends of an island; a gentle slope leading to a smoking crater; a body of water separating continents, enabling or impeding the flow of real, human bodies. By traveling slowly and observing minute, cyclical changes, Charamandas’ practice embodies an ecofeminist worldview that challenges a prevailing value system of speed and efficiency in the name of productivity.

Dimitra Charamandas

Dimitra Charamandas (*1988 Solothurn, Switzerland, lives and works in Solothurn and Greece) completed an MA in Fine Arts at the Institute Art Gender Natur, Basel in 2022. She previously studied at the Lucerne School of Art and Design (BA of Arts, 2013). Her most recent solo exhibitions include Tides, Kunstmuseum Solothurn (2023), Little inlets, Helvetia Art Foyer, Basel (2023), Body of Water, Body of Stone, Gypsum Gallery, Cairo (2022), Do not take me for granite, Ann Mazzotti Gallery, Basel (2022), Bassa Marea, Museo Castello San Materno, Ascona (2022). Her work was included in several group shows at Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttens, Switzerland; Graphisches Kabinett Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Switzerland, Kunstmuseum Olten, Switzerland; Christoph Merian Stiftung, Münchenstein, Switzerland; Kunsthalle Luzern, Switzerland; Kunsthaus Grenchen, Switzerland; Project Space Sfera, Athens, Greece; Kasko Basel, Switzerland; and Forum Stadtpark Graz, Austria. She has organised food gatherings in Frankfurt, Athens, Lucerne and Basel and is co-founder and part of the collectives Espacio Pacha with Irene Trujillo and Quince Collective with Johanna Schaible. Her works can be found in institutional and private collections. A solo exhibition at Livie Gallery is planned for September 2024.